AXIS is a family of life insurance products available in the forms of term and permanent insurance options. Its great flexibility makes AXIS the ideal product to meet the changing needs of today's families and business clienteles. AXIS is a great solution for those who are seeking low-cost, guaranteed insurance coverage for a specific period!

Let's take a closer look.

Example 1: Mike

Insured: Mike

Characteristic: Non-smoker

Age: 35

Face-amount: $100,000

Premium: $1217/year for 15 years

At age 65, Mike will be able to surrender his contract, terminate his life insurance coverage and recover $50,000, which corresponds to:

  • 50% of the face amount
  • Almost 3 times the amount paid in annual premiums
  • A guaranteed annual return of 4.40%

Mike will also have benefited from $100,000 in life insurance coverage for over 30 years.

Example 2: Mona, accountant and key employee at bottom line accounting, a general partnership firm

Key associate in the general partnership: Mona

Age: 45

Characteristics: Non-smoker

Face amount: $1,000,000

Premium: $16,710/year for 15 years

Age age 65 or when Mona retires, the general partnership may surrender her contract, terminate her life insurance coverage and recover $525,000, which corresponds to:

•  52.5% of the face amount

•  More than twice the amount paid in total premiums

•  A guaranteed gross annual return of 5.63%

Mona's employer will have also benefited from $1,000,000 in financial protection for over 20 years!

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